Investment Philosophy

MBK Group is a privately owned group that invests in small and medium sized companies primarily in Sweden. We focus on high growth investment opportunities, primarily within industrial properties, clean-tech and manufacturing.

We aim to be an active investor, implementing our know-how and experience to bring added value to our portfolio companies. We believe this is what makes us gain market leading competence in the sector to thoroughly evaluate and track an investments underlying technologic and economic viability in order to better determine position and exposure.

As such, we also look at more complex investment opportunities that requires more effort. This can be management changes, to business plan, to corporate restructuring or turnarounds. We work with entrepreneurs that are driven by their endless vision to grow their business, and act as a supporting arm in all matters.

Our long-term success will be achieved by a compounding investment approach leveraged with fees from advisory services, reinvesting profits from the business until economic of scale has been achieved.

Our Main Investments

Utansjöverken Fastigheter AB

Utansjöverken is a larger industrial property located in Härnösand. The property has over 30,000m2 in floor space, 40ha of storage area, 2 deep sea ports.

Arc Mining AB

Arc is a Swedish mining company founded in 2020.

Focus is on mature and developed mining assets in nordic countries.

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GreenStar Marine

GSM Electric AB (publ) has developed electric propulsion systems for marine applications. Currently has sold over 500 units.

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