Welcome to MBK Group

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Welcome to MBK

MBK Group is a privately held Swedish investment company. We specialise in bespoke financial transactions along with strategic advisory services primarily for small and medium size enterprises. We strive to come up with new and bold solutions to solve complex issues.

Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investments primarily in commercial and industrial properties. Currently has over 30,000m2 of floor-space working with larger companies for bespoke solutions.


Mining investments with focus on assets in the Nordic countries with high market demand. Portfolio consists of primarily gold, silver and wollastonite assets.


Investments in cleantech solutions, current holdings in carbon free transport solutions and EU TEN-T shipping link for reduced carbon emissions.

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MBK Capital AB

Mailbox 1601,
SE-441 42 Gothenburg

T: +46 (0)10-240 67 67

E: info@mbkylen.se

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